New River guided fly fishing float trips and spin fishing float trips near Galax, Hillsville, Independence, Radford, Pembroke. I fish 8 sections on the Upper New, 4 on the Lower New.  This is my 13th season of  professional guiding.  
6 to 7 hour trip, $230 for 1 angler (or adult and 1 youth up to 14), $295 for 2 anglers. 
Full day 8+ hour trips $280 for one angler (or adult and one youth to age 14), $360 for 2.   
4  hour trip  $195 for 1 angler, $240 for 2. Half day trout wading trips- fly or spin $140, 1 angler, $195 for 2, weekdays only,waders needed.  No deposit needed, just tell me what day you want to fish. GIFT CERTIFICATES AVAILABLE. 

email  [email protected]
276-235-2514 call or text