All fishing trips include rods, reels, lures, flies, digital pictures, and cooler with ice for your food.  We drive our own river shuttle and you provide your own food. Catch & release fishing. 
6 to 7 hour trip. 2 adults $295.    $230 1 angler (or adult and 1 youth 14 and under).  
Full day 8+ hour trip $360 for 2.  $280  1 angler (or adult and 1 youth).  
4 to 5 hour trip- $195 for one, $240 for 2 folks. 
Discount for multi-day trips ($340 8 hour trip, $280 for 6 hour).  No deposit is necessary. Just tell me what day you want to go and it will be a gentleman's agreement between us to fish. 
A 10-20% gratuity is conventional
276-235-2514 call or text   
[email protected]
Fishing license needed- Virginia freshwater
A 14 foot self bailing raft is used.  2 adult anglers. I 
can take 3 if youth are fishing with adult(s). 
Fly anglers and/or spin anglers 
are welcome. 
Fishing kayak available for a 3rd person    $50